Anne Thompson: Because I Say So!

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In THR’s Risky blog, Anne Thompson trumpets Diane Keaton for the star power that earned “Because I Said So” a $13-million opening, despite generally poor reviews.

Thompson writes: “I love all these articles about the silver foxes, like the EW cover with Judi Dench, Meryl Streep and the inevitable winner of the Best Actress Oscar, Helen Mirren. But while Diane Keaton has been getting some well-deserved publicity for her role in Because I Said So, the real story here is that the movie opened at $13 million after getting slammed by some of the worst reviews of the year (mostly written by men). Even knowing that, Nora and I went to see it Saturday and couldn’t get into the showing at The Grove. (We were late, natch.) Why did we go? Because we are a mother and daughter, and that’s what the movie was about, and we’re starved for romantic comedies. Nora wanted to see Gilmore Girl Lauren Graham and Mandy Moore; I wanted to see Keaton. The mark of a star is being able to open a movie even when it isn’t great. Everyone knew Tom Cruise was a star when he opened Cocktaill, and when Julia Roberts opened Sleeping with the Enemy. Diane Keaton is a star.

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