Mediascape’s top 100 list: all fem helmed films

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AWFJ isn’t alone in suggesting that AFI’s list is lacking.

Over at Mediascape, Erin Hill and Brian Hu, noticing the absense of women directors on AFI’s best 100 films list, set out to designate a list of the best 100 films directed exclusively by women. The result, presented in chronological order, includes Maya Deren’s “Meshes of the Afternoon,” “Dance, Girl, Dance,” “Fast Times At Ridgemont High,” “Clueless,” and several other films that are on AWFJ’s list, as well as some that were among AWFJ’s nominationed films.

Hill and Hu also assert that AFI’s list is pure pandering to the commercial interests of Blockbuster, Netflix and other corporate parters who stand to make money from the American classics’ second, third or fourth rounds of exposure and applause.

You can read their well made arguements and see their very interesting list by clicking here

Thanks to Jan Lisa Huttner for bringing Mediascape’s list to AWFJ’s attention.

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