Women in Film in USA Today – Susan Wloszczyna

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One of our main goals in writing these pieces was to refocus at least some of the attention this summer on other box office achievements besides the bazillions The Dark Knight is collecting. And on how the success of both “Sex and the City” and “Mamma Mia!” are considerable achievements given that much of their grosses were contributed by female moviegoers, proving we aren’t just a niche group.

Are “SATC” and “Mamma Mia!” Oscar-wiorthy classics of their types? No. I found the TV series and the live stage show much more gratifying experiences overall. However, what these films did do right was to include female talents involved in the oriiginal so that whatever special essence these franchises have would be duly captured in a new format. And they did. That women over 40 were shown to be fun, sexy and appealing was also a plus.

Looking ahead, there are many interesting films coming out in the next several months made by and showcasing women, despite some of the negativity in the press earlier this year about the lack of opportunity for females in the film biz.

I wanted to show that if you give female ticket buyers what they want they will go in droves. And it is important to have female talents behind the camera as decision makers, which was my impetous for the sidebar talking to women filmmakers of various ages and backgrounds and levels in their careers. Also, if Twilight fulfills its potential in December, that just might end the year with a very female driven film that could be our version of a comic book sensation.

These articles are not meant to be the last word. Hopefully they are a sign that something is indeed changing a bit. Please read them, then come back to comment.