Susan Wloszczyna – Top Ten – Exclusive!

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1. The Visitor — Who knew the sight of Richard Jenkins in his boxers while pounding on a drum could be such a joy.

2. The Wrestler — Who knew the sight of Mickey Rourke in a hairnet while tossing out deli meats could be such a joy.

3. Frozen River — Subtle, moving and as intense as any macho action machine out there.

4. Let the Right One In — A child-driven vampire chiller with scenes as horrifyingly memorable as anything in Night of the Living Dead.

5. I’ve Loved You So Long — Finally, I get Kristen Scott Thomas.

6. Tell No One — Hitchcockian heartache. A perfect combo.

7. A Christmas Tale — My crush on Mathieu Almaric continues apace.

8. Slumdog Millionaire — Bollywood by Boyle. The best kind of rush.

9. Doubt — Meryl Streep as a nun. Enough said.

10. Man on Wire — Death-defying inspiration.

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