Women On Film – “Frozen River” On DVD – Jennifer Merin reviews

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Judging from the well-deserved accolades that continue to roll in, “Frozen River” is unmistakably being hailed as one of 2008′s best films. Written and directed by Courtney Hunt, and starring Melissa Leo and Misty Upham as two compelling female lead characters whose thrilling adventure and evolving relationship have a remarkably feminist arc, “Frozen River” is an exemplary expression of a woman’s perspective on women’s issues and women’s solutions.

Thanks to its critical acclaim, plus the dedicated marketing and publicity ploys of Hunt and Leo, with support from Sony Pictures Classics, the low-budget, independently financed and produced “Frozen River” made it into the mainstream with a wider-than-expected theatrical release and into the annual awards pool. If you haven’t yet seen the film–because it still hasn’t been shown in a theater near you or for whatever reason–you have a treat in store with the release of the DVD, which not only delivers “Frozen River’s” wonderful characters and gripping story into the warmth of your home, but provides a voice over track with commentary by Courtney Hunt and Heather Rae, the film’s producer, that is truly entertaining and enlightening. Even if you’ve already seen “Fozen River,” you will want to see the film again while listening to what Hunt and Rae have to say in this exclusive DVD extra.

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