Top Ten 2012 – Susan Wloszczyna

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1. Zero Dark Thirty — Never mind the controversy. A stirring action thriller that breaks gender boundaries.

2. Bernie — Made me love Jack Black all over again.

3. Magic Mike — Half-naked men, artistically served.

4. The Silver Linings Playbook — Been waiting for David O. Russell to make another Flirting With Disaster. This came darn close.

5. The Sessions — I knew I would cry, but didn’t expect I would laugh so much.

6. Argo — Enjoyably gripping, not easy to do.

7. Moonrise Kingdom — Every film could benefit from Bill Murray swilling wine in preppy pants.

8. Anna Karenina — The scene with the alphabet blocks — like 19th-century sexting.

9. Skyfall — Made me love Bond all over again.

10. The Hunger Games — This is where I will go on record to say I liked this better than The Dark Knight Rises.

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