Patricia Arquette on Her Incendiary Oscars Speech and the Fight for Equal Pay – Jen Yamato reports

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patricia arquette 1Patricia Arquette brought the fight for gender equality to the Academy Awards stage last year. She delivered the most impactful half-minute speech of her career, one that helped propel gender wage inequality into the national debate and led to the passage of the California Fair Pay Act, which took effect last month. This year, again on the eve of Hollywood’s biggest night, Arquette championed gender equality, co-hosting the first Dinner for Equality, gathering luminaries from entertainment, politics, and business to rally around the cause. Read more>>

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  • John Hancock

    Ms. Yamato is beyond delusional and ridiculous. First, her “coverage” of the movie at SWSX on the Duke Lacrosse scandal was a travesty of incompetence, stupidity, misappropriation of actual facts and outright bias against the innocent former athletes. Apparently, they offer “degrees” in journalism from diploma mills that allow frauds like you to get hired writing for rags. Who would’ve guessed! These young men were innocent. There wasn’t any “misogyny” or “thorny legal questions”. It was an elaborate hoax and fraud perpetrated by Mangum and Mike Nifong and enabled by the likes of Cunningham, Cash Michaels, “journalists” and the “Group of 88″ because it fit their convenient narrative and message of “white man bad, woman good”. Even when the facts were unequivocal but the likes of Ms. Yamato doubled down and claimed an assault took place when they NEVER TOUCHED HER. Ms. Mangum randomly picked 3 photos out. That was her story and she was going to stick to it. Apparently, Ms. Yamato is never one to allow facts get in the way of a good story. Where were Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and the others when this whole thing blew up and they offered to pay for Ms. Mangum’s education? This is “Tawana Brawley 1.0″. The criminal case against these young men wasn’t “complicated”. It never existed and any other DA who was actually professional and intelligent would’ve seen that from its commencement and wouldn’t have filed fallacious charges in order to get elected. Ms. Mangum WASN’T A VICTIM. She was the perpetrator, you simpleton.

    And by the way. The whole “$.77 on the dollar” is a fraud. Women are paid what they are worth. Using Ms. Arquette as a spokesperson for this is akin to using the NAAFA as spokespeople for healthy lifestyle habits. She’s an idiot and has no idea what she’s talking about. She is also paid more than she is worth.

    Is this what passes for journalism. You’re an inept circus clown.