THE GIRL WITH ALL THE GIFTS – Review by MaryAnn Johanson

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girlallgiftsposter The Girl with All the Gifts opens with one of the most intense and disturbing sequences I’ve ever seen onscreen. Children kept in a bare, gray prison like Guantanamo Bay; given disgusting things to eat; shouted at by adult guards with cruelty in their voices; strapped into wheelchairs; pushed with careful, fearful precision to be lined up in a grim classroom for their daily lessons. It’s a nightmare scenario, apparently an institutional abuse of children. But their teacher, Miss Justineau is more than kindly, not at all the despot you might expect in such an environment. Far more bewildering, young Melanie, around 10 years old, seems happy and eager to learn, smiling cheerily from around the headgear that keeps her immobilized. Read more>>

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