Taking a bite out of 2017 with… Shark horror? — Previews by Liz Whittemore

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sky shocksIn horror, oftentimes, you’ll see a reoccurring theme of some half naked nubile thing running up the stairs to certain doom. Aside from the human(esque) villain, you might get a phenomenal film featuring a monster of the animal variety (Cujo, The Fly, Arachnophobia). Once in a blue moon something spectacular like JAWS appears and the a franchise is born. 2017 and 2018 will bring us three news films also starring sharks. Three? That seems like a lot, but if it works, then who cares if a recycled idea is scary. Here is a quick overview of what we know so far about Cage Dive, Sky Sharks, and Meg. Read more on I SCREAM YOU SCREAM.

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