AWFJ EDA Awards @ DOXA 2017: The Winners!

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As DOXA 2017 draws to a close, the Alliance of Women Film Journalists is delighted to announce the winners of this year’s EDA Awards for Best Female-Directed Feature and Best Female-Directed Short’ both presented at the festival’s awards ceremony on Saturday, May 13 in Vancouver. Continue reading…

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The winner for Best Female Directed Feature is Yan Chun Su’s DROKPA, an exquisitely filmed chronicle of the lives of nomads in the remote highlands of Tibet, where arable pastures are rapidly turning into deserts due to climate change.

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Jury Statement: Rarely is an audience privy to the intimate struggles of modern nomads, in this case the drokpa’s of the Tibetan Plateau. Yan Chun Su’s unprecedented access paints a fascinating picture of a people caught between tradition and modernization, all set to the backdrop of a lifestyle that is quickly becoming impossible to maintain due to the effects of climate change. Gorgeous cinematography.

Jury Members: Marina Antunes, Jennifer Merin, Stephanie Merry, Janice Page

The winner of the Best Female-directed Short is LIFE AT A SNAIL’S PACE, Alexandra Gaulupeau’s thoroughly engaging look at the surprisingly intricate relationship between malacologist artist Marla Coppolino and the land snails at the core of her work.

alexandra gaulupeau snailspace

Jury Statement: Documentarian Alexandra Gaulupeau shows a fine eye in this 22-minute production about an unusual subject. Emphasizing colors, textures, and detail, she uses wonderful imagery to reflect on unlikely connections between overlooked worlds and our own. Quirky and sweet, this film urges viewers to slow down and appreciate all of life’s details. It also celebrates girls who love bugs and science and shows how you can turn your passions into fulfilling work.

Jury Members: Betsy Bozdech, Lexi Feinberg, Cynthia Fuchs, Karen Martin

Congrats to the AWFJ EDA Award winners, and to DOXA for such a fine 16th annual festival program. And, thanks to the jury members for a job well done. For a full list of nominated films click here.

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