BLACKFISH – Documentary Retroview by Jennifer Merin

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blackfishposterartThe theatrical release of Gabriela Cowperthwaite’s first feature, Megan Leavey, suggests it’s time for another look at her award-winning animal rights documentary, Blackfish. The titular Blackfish is named Tilikum. He is arguably the world’s best known killer whale, or orca, and currently resides at SeaWorld in Orlando, Florida. Tilikum, who’s been captive and on display at the theme park for more than two decades, is responsible for the deaths of three human beings, including Dawn Branceau, a whale trainer working closely with Tilikum until her death in February, 2010. Continue reading full review on CINEMA CITIZEN.

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  • Jeffrey Ventre

    Thank u for this Retro-view on behalf of some of the filmmakers. As an update Tilikum died on 6 January of this year. A Brief BBC interview of his life & death is here: