500 YEARS — Review by Jennifer Merin

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pamela yates 500 years poster500 Years is the third ¬†and final film in Pamela Yates‘ extraordinary documentary series about the Mayan people’s ongoing struggle for equality and justice in Guatemala. With her politically-charged trilogy, Yates has actually changed the course of history. 500 Years is the culmination of 35 years of filmmaker dedication to coverage of a pressing social and political issue. Stand alone or viewed with its companion films, it is a masterful example of how movies can make a difference. The film and its companion documentaries are must-sees for anyone who is interested in understanding current events and the role media can play in shaping them. Continue reading on CINEMA CITIZEN

EDITOR’S NOTE: 500 Years is AWFJ’s Movie of the Week (#MOTW) for July 21-28

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