The Evolution of — Jennifer Merin reports

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When MaryAnn Johanson began her popular twenty years ago, internet film criticism was in its infancy. Reviewing screenshots taken of the site’s homepage over the past two decades shows how MaryAnn grew the site, responding to tech changes and to evolving formats for presentation. She set a distinctive style for herself and has continually pushed the envelope for other film bloggers. Continue reading…

As reported by Nikki Baughan in AWFJ’s September SPOTLIGHT, MaryAnn began the site by using the free platform offered by internet provider AOL. In less than a year, however, she ran out of space and had to find another home for the increasingly well-trafficked blog. So she set up her own domain, and the site has been expanding — in size and readership — ever since.

Unfortunately, no images are available for the blog’s first phase on AOL, but MaryAnn has provided screenshots that exemplify her own domain’s homepages from Spring of 1998 to the present. And, here they are:

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