BATTLE OF THE SEXES — Review by Jeanne Wolf

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“Battle of the Sexes” is not your traditional sports drama. You’re probably expecting to spend a lot of time watching the ball go back and forth across the net in this biopic based on the classic match watched by millions between the Number One Women’s tennis player Billie Jean King and former champ and unstoppable hustler Bobby Riggs. Continue reading…

A circus atmosphere surrounded their hugely hyped prime-time contest that was supposed to prove which gender could wield the strongest racket. Instead you get a heart wrenching behind-the-scenes portrait of King’s sexual awakening to her love for another woman while she forges ahead to get equal pay and equal rights for women on the court. Emma Stone movingly delivers the many sides of King from her unrelenting determination to be the best to her conflicted struggle to come to terms with being a gay tennis champ. Steve Carrell manages to hold his own as Riggs in a wildly offbeat performance even though you wish we’d get more of an insight into what was behind his world famous sexist bravado. Sometimes the film seems as full of ups and downs and sudden reversals as any match on center court. But even if you know who won, the ending is a heart tugger.

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