JANE – Review by MaryAnn Johanson

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janedocumentary.P In 1960, paleontologist Louis Leakey did something remarkable: He hired a 26-year-old secretary, untrained in the sciences and without a university degree in any field at all, to go into the wilds of Tanzania and study chimps. Jane Goodall is now, at age 83, one of the most renowned figures in primatology, and arguably one of the most famous scientists living today (maybe to ever have lived), one of those rare superstars of science whose work has captured the imagination of the general public. But at the time, she knew nothing about wild chimps. The thing is, though: no one else did either. No one else had ever done what Leakey trusted her to do, to simply observe them in their natural habitat over long stretches of time in order to learn about their lives and their culture. Continue reading…

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