Announcing the 2017 AWFJ EDA Awards Nominees

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The Alliance of Women Film Journalists is delighted to announce the nominees for the 2017 AWFJ EDA Awards in 25 categories ranging from the standards such as ‘Best Film,”Best Cinematographer,’ and ‘Best Actress’ to our own gender-focused and sometimes somewhat snarky slots, including ‘Actress Best Defying Age and Ageism’ and ‘Actress Most in Need of A New Agent.’ The annual EDA Awards, now in their eleventh season, reflect women’s perspectives on film, and recognize excellent work in cinema, in front of and behind the camera, with a particular focus on work done by and about women. For the list of nominees, Continue reading…

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  • Carlos Alberto Mattos

    Dawson City: Frozen Time (instead of “In Tie”)
    120 BPM (instead of BPM)