AWFJ’s 2018 Oscar Predictions For Winners in Seven Categories

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oscars goldOur impromptu poll is neither mandatory nor universal, and the AWFJ members who’ve sent in their 2018 Oscars predictions have very varied opinions about which nominees will prevail on this year’s golden day. They’ve also specified that these are their predictions, the nominees they think will win, but not necessarily those they hope will win. Their predictions in seven categories are listed on AWARDS INTELLIGENCER. But, the tally of their ballots indicates AWFJ’s predictions for the winners in the 2018 Oscars race. Continue reading…

    Best Picture​:The Shape of Water

    Best Director​:​ Guillermo del Toro

    Best Actress​:​ Frances McDormand

    Best Actress Supporting​:​ Allison Janney

    Best Actor​:​ Gary Oldman

    Best Actor Supporting​:​ Sam Rockwell

    Best Documentary​:Faces Places

Participating AWFJ Members and their Individual Predictions:

Erica Abeel
Thelma Adams
Betsy Bozdech
Sandie Angulo Chen
Leslie Comebale
Linda Cook
Giulia D’Agnolo Vallan
Laura Emerick
Marilyn Ferdinand
Pam Grady
Alexandra Heller-Nicholas
Leba Hertz
MaryAnn Johanson
Loren King
Sarah Knight Adamson
Cate Marquis
Brandy McDonnell
Jennifer Merin
Nell Minow
Sandra Olmstead
Tricia Olszewski
Janice Page
Kristen Page-Kirby
Diana Saenger
Danielle Solzman
Lynn Venhaus
Elizabeth Whittemore
Susan Wloszczyna

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