PLAYER HATING: A LOVE STORY (2012) — Review by Jennifer Merin

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player hating posterFilmmaker Maggie Hadleigh-West’s retrospective (Brooklyn, NY July 26-29) includes a screening of Player Hating: A Love Story, the 2012 documentary about Brooklyn’s talented hip hop recording artist, Jasun Wardlaw, aka Half-a-Mill, as he and his crew of ‘thugs’ prepare to release his first big record album. Half-a-Mill is hoping that the album will be the kind of success that will catapult him out of Brooklyn’s crime-riddled Atlantic Housing Project, where he’s faced tough — no, make that dire — living conditions since his childhood. He’s deeply in need of relief. And so are his family and friends. In fact, so is the whole neighborhood. Continue reading on CINEMA CITIZEN.

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