93QUEEN – Review by MaryAnn Johanson

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93queen.PBecause it adheres to Hasidic tradition, highly respected EMS service Hatzolah does not accept female paramedics. Women are not supposed to have any physical contact with men other than their husbands, so how can they provide emergency medical assistance? Male EMTs get special exemption from this rule, in order to treat women. Because that’s just fine; the world is always fine with men breaking their own rules for their own benefit. Rachel Freier didn’t think that was just fine, so she headed up a campaign to start an all-female EMS team in Borough Park, Brooklyn — home to the largest ultraorthodox Jewish community in the U.S. — to give Hasidic women the option of being treated by women. Continue reading…

motw logo 1-35EDITOR’S NOTE: 93Queen is AWFJ’s Movie of the Week for july 27, 2018

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