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At her daily Thompson on Hollywood blog, Anne Thompson does more than just break news; she provides an insider’s clear-eyed analysis of a business that defines American culture at home and abroad.Born and raised in New York, Thompson has been a contributor to the New York Times, Washington Post, The Observer, and Wired. She has served as film columnist at Variety, and deputy editor of, where she launched Thompson on Hollywood in March 2007. Thompson was the Deputy Film Editor at The Hollywood Reporter, the West Coast Editor of Premiere, a Senior Writer at Entertainment Weekly, and West Coast Editor for Film Comment. She wrote the film industry column Risky Business for L.A. Weekly and the Los Angeles Times syndicate.A graduate of the Department of Cinema Studies at New York University, she hosts the fall semester of “Sneak Previews” for UCLA Extension, and teaches film criticism at USC.


Articles by Anne Thompson


New Rules Yield Greater Diversity for AMPAS Board of Governors — Anne Thompson reports

Thanks to new rules, this year’s Academy Board of Governors race was more intense than usual. The Academy’s 17 branches each has three governors on the board; they can serve three consecutive three-year terms. One seat is up for reelection every year. The Board of Governors actually runs the show at the Academy, determining the strategy and mission, and keeping tabs on its financial health. This year, the race was opened up to allow any of the 6200-plus Academy members to run for the board. Before, the membership voted for 50% of a nominating committee that selected candidates to present to the Board. This yielded the same favorites over and over again. Read more>>

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Anne Thompson’s THE $11 BILLION YEAR (Exclusive Excerpt)


After reporting on everything movies for 25 years, Hollywood pundit Anne Thompson, an AWFJ member, has written her first book. It’s fascinating. We excerpt it here.


In its history, the Academy’s largely male directors’ branch had nominated only three other women directors—Italian Lina Wertmüller (Seven Beauties), New Zealander Jane Campion (The Piano), and American Sofia Coppola (Lost in Translation), daughter of Oscar-winningGodfather creator Francis Ford Coppola.

Gender politics in Hollywood—as everywhere else—are complex, layered, often unconscious, and difficult to parse. One can argue that things are slowly improving for women in the film industry, but they are still woefully underrepresented in too many areas, from hiring, especially as directors, to roles onscreen.

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Top Ten 2012 – Anne Thompson

1. Life of Pi

2. Beasts of the Southern Wild

3. Zero Dark Thirty

4. Silver Linings Playbook

5. Lincoln

6. End of Watch

7. Argo

8. Anna Karenina

9. The Sessions

10. Moonrise Kingdom

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AWFJ Women On Film – Oscar-Winner “In a Better World” Slashed by Harsh Reviews – Anne Thompson comments

Since when is winning an Oscar a bad thing? In his disparaging NYT review ofIn a Better World, A.O. Scott uses its recent foreign Oscar win as a warning sign. Read more>>

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AWFJ Women On Film – “Cheri” – Anne Thompson reviews

It’s devilishly hard to get everything to go right on a movie. Many little things can turn a promising project into something that never quite gels.

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“Fear of Flying: Confessions of a Free Women” – Anne Thompson comments

I watched the six episodes two at a time, three nights running. (I had admired Fox’s 80s doc Beirut: The Last Home Movie.) I was fascinated. Fox took five years of her own life and turned it into the narrative through-line for a survey of women and their life choices in different cultures. Read more>>

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“10,000 B.C.” – Anne Thompson reviews

Well, I’ve seen Roland Emmerich’s latest pixel-fest 10,000 B.C., and it’s no Quest for Fire. Would that it had been silent! Read more>>

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Sundance 2008: Fem-helmed Doc Sells – Anne Thompson reports

Finally, the long-in-the-works “American Teen” deal went down late Tuesday night, marking the fourth movie to sell at Sundance in the last two days. Paramount Vantage acquired all world rights (excluding the U.K.) for $1 million to Nanette Burstein’s Indiana high school cinema verite doc. After the A & E Indie Films documentary screened Friday night, Fox Searchlight made a bid which later expired; Sony Pictures Classics also pursued a deal but pulled out Tuesday afternoon, leaving the pic to Vantage, which is promising a significant P & A commitment. Sellers were Cinetic and CAA.

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Sundance 2008: Women Score “Polanski: Wanted and Desired” – Anne Thompson reports

Sheila Nevins’ HBO documentary unit has acquired North American rights to Marina Zenovich’s Polanski: Wanted and Desired, the hot buzz title of the 2008 Sundance Film Festival. Read more>>

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“Juno,” commentary by Anne Thompson

My class ate up Juno like it was strawberry ice cream. Read more

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“Gone Baby Gone,” commentary by Anne Thompson

Gone Baby Gone is a tough piece of gritty entertainment. What Miramax will be able to wring out of the boxoffice is anyone’s guess. Read more

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“Lars and the Real Girl,” comments by Anne Thompson

Lars and the Real Girl is one of those movies that walks a tightrope between laughs and genuine emotion. Read more

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Stacey Snider’s leads team Dreamworks to triple play at box

When Stacey Snider left Universal to run DreamWorks’ movie division a year ago, she transitioned seamlessly without losing valuable momentum, leading the Paramount division to box office gold, reports Anne Thompson on read more .

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Premier Magazine’s obit by Anne Thompson

In her Variety column, Anne Thompson surmises that Premier Magazine’s demise signals the death of long-form entertainment journalism:

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Anne Thompson: Because I Say So!

In THR’s Risky blog, Anne Thompson trumpets Diane Keaton for the star power that earned “Because I Said So” a $13-million opening, despite generally poor reviews.

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Anne Thompson on writing credits for “Nanking”

Referring to David Poland’s cleverly cloaked “Little Red Writing Hood”, Anne Thompson reveals in THR’s Risky the background on screenwriter Lizzy Bentley’s credit on “Nanking.”

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Anne Thompson on Women Directors in the US and Abroad

Pointing to the fact that 12 of the 61 foreign films submitted for 2007 Academy Awards consideration were directed by women, Anne Thompson notes in THR’s Risky Biz blog that women directors have an easier time getting films made abroad than they do in the US. In Hollywood, “the state of support for women directors remains woeful. Even when someone brilliant comes along like Karen Moncrieff, who wrote and directed the 2002 Sundance hit “Blue Car” and this year’s just-released “The Dead Girl,” it’s hard to summon up much optimism for her future,” writes Thompson. In comparison, the women who’ve helmed this year’s Academy Awards submissions from France and Denmark, have directed numerous films in their respective countries– and shun the idea of working in Hollywood because they fear creative controls execised by studios and producers.

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Streep speaks about Hollywood’s maturation process and other matters

Likely to soon receive her fourteenth Oscar nod (beating her own record of thirteen nominations), the extraordinary Meryl Streep discusses matururing successfully in filmdom, defying Hollywood’s agism and her commitment to stopping violence and discrimination against women and girls through ongoing support of Equality Now with Anne Thompson in The Hollywood Reporter.

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