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Chaz Ebert is the CEO of several Ebert enterprises, including the President of The Ebert Company Ltd, and of Ebert Digital LLC, Publisher of, President of Ebert Productions and Chairman of the Board of The Roger and Chaz Ebert Foundation, and Co-Founder and Producer of Ebertfest, the film festival now in its 18th year. She is also a member of the Chicago Film Critics Association.


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WE WOULD ALL LIKE TO BELIEVE that the “casting couch” in Hollywood had vanished over time as a relic of a less-enlightened age. People in the entertainment industry, particularly certain men in power, minimized this tradition of abuse, likening it to a rite of passage. But as a former lawyer who has handled sexual harassment cases, I can affirm that this “ritual” of men in power taking advantage of the powerless and vulnerable with unwanted sexual advances or unpermitted touching and verbal and physical abuse is entirely unacceptable and illegal, and in some cases constitutes criminal sexual assault. Continue reading…

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Chicago Documentary Program Empowers Female Filmmakers — Chaz Ebert reports

chaz filmmakers croppedFew programs inspire me more than those committed to empowering the voices of future filmmakers, and especially those that empower the voices of female filmmakers. That is the goal of the CHA (Chicago Housing Authority) Program in Documentary Filmmaking. Held during the summer at DePaul University’s School of Cinematic Arts, this five-week program is designed for female high school students living in Chicago’s CHA housing. The program prepares young women to become future documentarians by instructing them on everything from aesthetics to technical skills. Continue reading…

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Oscars 2017: The Academy Makes History — Chaz Ebert comments (Exclusive)

oscar logoThe Oscars continue to be on my “must see” list and this year’s 89th edition was not only immensely enjoyable, but historic for many reasons. It was the first time in history that an African-American director won for Best Picture; it was the first win for Supporting Actor for a Muslim; it was the first win for a picture about someone in the LGBTQ community, and the first Best Foreign Film win for someone who was not there in protest of a travel ban instituted by the President of the United States. Sometimes it is difficult to remember from year to year who won Best Picture, but the “Moonlight” – “La La Land” flub will forever be in our collective memories. Read more on AWARDS INTELLIGENCER

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EBERTFEST 2016: WOMEN IN FILM PANEL — Chaz Ebert Moderated

ebertbest 2016 women's panel“How can you make an Oscar worthy film with one tenth of the budget? It’s an uneven playing field to begin with,” Darrien Gipson said in addressing the amazing disparity between the stats regarding the numbers of women compared to men from the very start of the hierarchical ladder to achievement in noviemaking. Gipson was a member of EBERTFEST’s Women in Film panel. Read more on THE FEMALE GAZE FORUM

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Musing About Movies – Chaz Ebert comments

Films indispensable for appreciating the art of cinema, may not be the “desert island films,” but a list of my indispensible films, off the top of my head, would be almost any documentary with a conscience, like Food, Inc. Or any film by Stanley Kubrick, but especially A Clockwork Orange or Dr. Strangelove. If I wanted to cry or emote it would include Terms of Endearment, The Color Purple, Tous Les Matins De Monde, any film by Nicole Holofcener, or any head-over-heels love story. Read more>>

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Where Are All the Diverse Voices in Film Criticism? – Chaz Ebert comments

movie watchersMeryl Streep’s use of the word “infuriating” to describe the disproportionate ratio of male to female reviewers on the Rotten Tomatoes is apt. But the need for diverse voices in film criticism does not suffice with gender. A wide spectrum of voices is critical in challenging the mainstream white male-dominated narrative that drives much of Hollywood and the popular media. Being introduced to diverse critical voices and opinions in the arts not only affects how we see the world but also has a profound influence on how we begin to heal it. Read more>>

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My Sundance 2016 Trifecta — Chaz Ebert Comments

hooligan-sparrowWhen I won a trifecta at the Kentucky Derby, I was hailed as a heroine by my fellow revelers, who were natted out in their finest headgear. They marveled at the ability of anyone to guess three winning horses in a row, and in the correct order. Indeed it was not easy, but I had to admit that dumb luck played a big part. My Sundance experience this year felt like winning the trifecta. Read more>>

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Listening With My Heart: 16 Movies to Remember from 2015 — Chaz Ebert Comments

I have a friend whose mother is legally deaf. Her mother told her that since she couldn’t hear with her ears, she listened with her heart. That way the intent rather than the content came through and she could judge people and situations more accurately. I decided to take that approach with various films I saw during 2015 at press screenings and film festivals including Cannes, Telluride, Toronto and Ebertfest. Read more>>

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