Linda Cook

Linda Cook earned bachelor degrees in English and elementary education from Monmouth (Illinois) College, She's a reporter and film critic at the Quad-City Times, and reviews films for NBC affiliate KWQC. She earned a master of criminal justice degree at St. Ambrose University, Davenport, and has been an instructor there for many years.


Articles by Linda Cook


LADY BIRD — Review by Linda Cook

“Lady Bird” is as edgy, raw and funny as growing up. Screenwriter/director Greta Gerwig has wrought a gem of a coming-of-age film set in 2002. Saoirse Ronan (“Brooklyn”) plays Christine McPherson, a senior at a private Catholic high school. The girl who wants to be known as “Lady Bird” gives the teachers and some of her classmates a run for their money with her approach to authority. Continue reading…

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THE FLORIDA PROJECT — Review by Linda Cook

The Florida Project is about people who don’t go to movies. They are marginalized, the working poor, the fixed-income residents of low-rent motels. Director Sean Baker (Tangerine) trains his eye on a little family in one such hotel on the outskirts of Disneyland. Moonee (the amazing newcomer Brooklynn Prince) lives with her mother Halley (Bria Vinaite) in a hotel room, where they watch television much of the time. Continue reading…

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ATOMIC BLONDE — Review by Linda Cook

Watch Charlize Theron kick some class in the stylish, violent “Atomic Blonde.” This no “PG-13”-rated Bond movie. It’s an “R”-rated, bone-crunching rampage, a la “John Wick,” with a well-dressed female protagonist. Sometimes, its double-crosses and triple-crosses are hard to follow, but that’s not a big deal, because the fight scenes never disappoint. Continue reading…

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