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Her voice is heard throughout the 50 states and around the world by more than one million listeners on her syndicated radio programs: Joanna Langfield’s People Report and Video and Movie Minute. She’s also seen and heard as a regular contributing commentator on CNN International, CNN, Fox News and CNBC. In print, her articles have been published in such high profile magazines as Video Review and McCall’s. Joanna Langfield is known for taking interviews to another level with probing looks at celebrities’ insights rather than just their latest projects. As a result, she’s secured a niche among the nation’s premier interviewers and movie critics. Joanna began her career on the production staff of a local Boston television station. She then focused her energies towards radio and produced talk shows at WMEX-AM in Boston. After moving to New York, she became executive producer at WMCA-AM for talk show personalities Barry Gray and Sally Jessy Raphael. She began hosting a one-minute movie review spot which, in turn, led to her top-rated weekend call in-show, The Joanna Langfield Show (1980-83). Joanna moved to WABC-AM to host The Joanna Langfield Show on Saturday nights from 9:00pm to midnight. It was the highest rated show in its time slot. From 1987-1989, Joanna hosted Today’s People on the ABC Radio network, which was fed daily to over 300 stations around the country. She also appeared on WABC-TV as a regular on-air contributor. In 1989, Joanna formed her radio production company, Joanna Langfield Entertainment Reports, to syndicate her radio reports. She is considered to be one of the top authoritative commentators on the entertainment industry. Read Lagfield's recent articles below. For her Women On Film archive, type "Joanna Langfield" in the Search Box (upper right corner of screen).


Articles by Joanna Langfield


Top Ten 2012 – Joanna Langfield

Zero Dark 30


Django Unchained


Silver Linings Playbook


Life of Pi

The Master

Beasts of the Southern Wild

The Gatekeepers

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AWFJ Women On Film – Marlo Thomas on “Growing Up Laughing – Joanna Langfield interviews

Award winning actress, best selling author and social activist, Marlo Thomas is a very busy woman. She’s recently filmed a new movie with Demi Moore and Miley Cyrus and plans to star in a Broadway play next season. Her web site,, launches on AOL just as her latest book “Growing Up Laughing: My Story and the Story of Funny” is being published.

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AWFJ Women On Film – “City Island” – Joanna Langfield reviews

There are many reasons why this sweetheart of a movie is so disarming, but one of it‘s most outstanding attributes is that it absolutely loves women. And there are superb performances by three terrific actresses.

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AWFJ Women On Film – Joanna Langfield’s Top Ten of 2009

Up in the Air

Hurt Locker

A Serious Man



District 9

Crazy Heart

An Education

Five Hundred Days of Summer


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AWFJ Women On Film – Carole Zabar’s Film Activism – Joanna Langfield interviews

Mention “Zabar’s” to any New Yorker and mouthwatering dreams of the legendary gourmet emporium immediately pop into mind. But not all members of the Zabar family are to be found behind the deli counter, slicing Nova Scotia salmon. For the past several years, Carole Zabar has been cooking up a remarkable professional legacy of her own — and it’s all spreading a message of peace and love through film.

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AWFJ Women On Film – Charlyne Yi On “Paper Heart” – Joanna Langfield

Charlyne Yi’s hybrid documentary, Paper Heart, has turned the young comic into an award winning filmmaker. Now she wants to come clean. After all, it’s one thing to stretch a few truths in her movie about looking for love. It’s another when it’s her actual life.

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AWFJ Women On Film – Jeff Daniels On His Professional Renaissance – Joanna Langfield

For an actor who describes himself as “under the A list,” Jeff Daniels has been this summer’s hot ticket actor.

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AWFJ Women On Film – A Tribute To Farrah Fawcett – Joanna Langfield

When Farrah Fawcett-Majors blossomed into “Farrah”, the timing was nothing if not ironic. The feminist movement had evolved from burning bras to searing publicly staged intellectual debate; women were donning suits and taking to the workplace en masse, thanks, in part, to the equal opportunity push supporting them. Some of us even stopped setting our hair and let our frizz flags fly. And then there was Charlie’s Angels.

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AWFJ Women On Film – “Star Trek” – Joanna Langfield reviews

JJ Abrams, who hooked me on his addictive “Lost,” clearly knows how to meld otherworldly mysteries with wonderfully developed characters. Could he do the same for the imploding “Star Trek” franchise?

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AWFJ Women On Film – Susan Morgan Cooper on “An Unlikely Weapon” – Joanna Langfield interviews

It takes a lot of guts to be a wartime photographer. It takes almost as much guts to be an independent documentary filmmaker. So maybe it’s no accident that the great Eddie Adams and Susan Morgan Cooper found one another.

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AWFJ Women On Film – “Duplicity” – Joanna Langfield reviews

Wondering where those corporate earnings have been going to all these years? According to Tony Gilroy’s “Duplicity,” a whole lot of ‘em have been pumped into some pretty nifty espionage,

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Women On Film – Screenwriter Megan Holley On “Sunshine Cleaning” – Joanna Langfield interviews

Megan Holley

Megan Holley

When Megan Holley was named one of Variety’s 10 Screenwriters to Watch in 2005, her Hollywood agents had to wait till she clocked in to work–tending to drug addicted lab rats–to tell her the good news. That’s because Megan, who’d quit her longtime job editing industrial safety films to take a month-long filmwriting fellowship, had come home with no money. And her phone had been cut off. So, it’s no surprise when Holley, who describes herself as an ‘eternal optimist who takes huge leaps of faith,’ admitted she really related to the struggles of the two lead characters she created Sunshine Cleaning.

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Women On Film – “Sunshine Cleaning” – Joanna Langfield reviews

If Sunshine Cleaning is just a little too reminiscent of the indie darling Little Miss Sunshine, there’s a reason, and it’s not just the sunny title. Produced by much of the team behind the 2006 hit, Cleaning offers up a similar intimate feel, employs a couple of the same actors and infectiously convinces us that even when the world feels its coldest, there’s still a bit of warmth in there–somewhere.

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Women On Film – “Watchmen” – Joanna Langfield reviews

You can have your superheroes: the guy who intrigues me is Zack Snyder.

Hands down the most visually stimulating director working today, Snyder brings a blasting sensibility to the brutal world of these Watchmen, making even the most abhorrent violence intriguing for us to watch.

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Women In Film – “He’s Just Not That Into You” – Joanna Langfield reviews

Alternately cute and annoying, this star jammed rom com has just enough charm to keep us into it until the occasionally bitter end.

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Women On Film – “Last Chance Harvey” – Joanna Langfield reviews

I shudder to think what this one would have been like without its two, effervescent stars.

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Women On Film – “Defiance” – Joanna Langfield reviews

This is a story that should be told: just not this way.

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“Frost/Nixon” – Joanna Langfield reviews

Like so many of my generation, I believed, in my very soul that Richard Nixon was, with all apologies to Keith Olbermann, the worst person in the world.

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“Milk” – Joanna Langfield reviews

Gus Van Sant’s stunning drama may push buttons you didn’t even know you had.

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“Australia” – Joanna Langfield reviews

Baz Luhrman’s sweeping romantic adventure is packed to the gills with something for everyone. And, like that wise old adage, this hugely ambitious epic proves, while you can please some of the people some of the time, you can’t please all of them all the time.

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“Quantum of Solace” – Joanna Langfield reviews

Call me sentimental, but I guess I just like my Bond shaken, not stirred.

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“The Changeling” – Joanna Langfield reviews

One could be forgiven, watching this period melodrama, mistaking it for a 1930s or 40’s Hollywood production: because Clint Eastwood’s careful mounting of this sadly true tale is very much of that period.

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“Happy Go Lucky” – Joanna Langfield reviews

Mike Leigh’s wonderful coming of age tale is enough to drive some people crazy.

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“The Women” – Joanna Langfield reviews

Just as some people are trying to convince women to support another woman for national office, would it follow women critics are supposed to support a movie about and made by women?

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“Tropic Thunder” – Joanna Langfield reviews

Tom Cruise may initally steal Robert Downey Jr’s thunder, but there’s no question it’s Downey who gives this hilarious satire its biggest bang for your buck.

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