Katherine McLaughlin

Katherine McLaughlin is a London based freelance film reviewer and features writer for numerous outlets including Cinetalk, Starburst Magazine, New Empress Magazine and Filmoria. Kat's cinematic loves are horror, sci-fi, arthouse and indie with a keen interest in documentaries. She is also a regular attendee of many international film festivals including Berlinale, Toronto Film Festival, London Film Festival and Frightfest.


Articles by Katherine McLaughlin


SEDUCED AND ABANDONED – Review by Katherine McLaughlin

The 65th Cannes film festival acts as the backdrop for this compelling, if somewhat misguided documentary from James Toback. Accompanied by Alec Baldwin, Toback sets out to shame Hollywood for its decision to continually churn out megabuck franchises and mediocrity rather than investing in risky, original cinema. Read more>>

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Sheffield Doc/Fest 2013: AWFJ Jury Duty – Katherine McLaughlin Reports

2013 marks the 20th Anniversary of Sheffield Doc/Fest and they chose to celebrate it in style.

A Spectacular Opening Night

A screening of Nick Ryan’s The Summit took place in High Peak Cavern, Castleton, a rural suburb of Sheffield. The serene surroundings were a stark contrast to the treacherous trip to the top of K2 depicted in the film, via talking heads, re-enactment and found footage. Inside the cave, there was an air of trepidation and excitement about events documented in the film. Upon leaving, the audience was in a more somber mood, as people chatted amongst themselves about the dangers of climbing and the attitudes you adopt for survival in such extreme conditions.

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STOKER – Review by Katherine McLaughlin

Keeping with his usual dark themes, South Korean director Park Chan-wook (Oldboy) makes an assured American debut with this stunning psycho thriller – a cruel, calculated coming of age story that glides elegantly through topics of sexual awakening and fractured family values Read more>>

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ANTIVIRAL – Review by Katherine McLaughlin

Brandon Cronenberg (son of David) has written and directed an intense and disturbing debut film looking at society’s increasing obsession with celebrity. Getting to the sick heart of this cultural disease, Cronenberg has created a white walled world that delivers a claustrophobic film experience with a mesmerising central performance from Caleb Landry Jones. Read more>>

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AMERICAN MARY – Review by Katherine McLaughlin

Jen and Sylvia Soska’s American Mary summons the spirit of Cronenberg’s Dead Ringers with classical music, cold instruments and red scrubs along with a dark Lynchian aesthetic. There are Asian and European horror influences too, yet astonishingly the film feels personal and unique. Intelligent ideas, fascinating body modification procedures and a controlled performance from Katharine Isabelle, in the lead role, all make for hypnotic viewing. Read more>>.

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