Tomris Laffly

Tomris Laffly is a freelance film writer and film critic based in New York. She writes for and has contributed to outlets such as Film School Rejects, Film Journal International, Time Out New York, Indiewire, and Movie Mezzanine, among others, and covers various film festivals throughout the year including the New York Film Festival, Sundance and Telluride. She has a special interest in the awards season, frequents art houses in NYC and tweets from @TomiLaffly.


Articles by Tomris Laffly


Greta Gerwig and Mike Mills on 20TH CENTURY WOMEN — Interview by Tomris Laffly

20th-century-women-posterGreta Gerwig says Mike Mills is at his core a listener and he started 20th Century Women from a place of being a listener. “He was raised by women basically. But he didn’t make any assumptions and he interviewed them all. It’s why the film feels like it’s about real women, and not about imagined projections of women by a man, which is what it usually feels like.” Asked whether he would call himself a true feminist, Mike Mills opines that it’s not really his place to say. “Well, I’m a male ally to women. A feminist? That’s something for women to decide.” Read more>>

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LIVE BY NIGHT — Review by Tomris Laffly

A sumptuously mounted gangster film from Ben Affleck, behind the camera for the first time since Argo, continues his intriguing offscreen career. Before he slipped on the bat mask, director Ben Affleck was a young Clint Eastwood in the making, telling quintessentially American tales of morality and heroism. With the ably executed Prohibition-era drama Live by Night, he picks up where he left off, drawing from Gone Baby Gone’s understated potency, The Town’s nail-biter car chases and shootouts, and Oscar-winning Argo’s humor and grandiose Hollywood polish. Read more>>

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Mia Hansen-Løve on THINGS TO COME and Writing — Interview by Tomris Laffly

mia-hansen-loveMia Hansen-Løve talks the way she writes: There is an effortless breeziness to her prose. Her casual smarts evidently come easy to her, as she packs multitudes of meaning in each seemingly straightforward statement. Listening to her take a brainy journey from one idea to the next, I note how her in-person demeanor matches the on-the-page and behind-the-camera storyteller. Read more>>

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THE 13th — Review by Tomris Laffly

Angry and urgent, Ava DuVernay’s unflinching study of the mass incarceration of Black people in the US is one of this year’s timeliest films. Read more>>

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