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Rebecca Pahle (it’s pronounced “Polly,” but no “want a cracker?” jokes, please) is a North Carolina-born, Brooklyn-based entertainment journalist and part-time Sith Lord with a particular fondness for science fiction, Buster Keaton, and junk food. She’s always available on Twitter @RebeccaPahle for anyone who wants to discuss how Snowpiercer was the best film of 2014. Currently the Assistant Editor/Staff Writer at Film Journal International her previous places of editorial employment include The Mary Sue and MovieMaker Magazine. A regular contributor at websites Pajiba and Phactual, you can also find her work on her personal website, Cinefeels.


Articles by Rebecca Pahle


SPOTLIGHT November 2015: Alicia Vikander, Actress and It Girl

awfjspotlightsmallsmallvikander 1Let 2015 be known as the year of Alicia Vikander. Though the Swedish actress has been around for a while–she got her start on Swedish TV in the early 2000s–over the last few months she’s delivered the quality and quantity that has really made moviegoers around the world sit up and take notice. And with her breakout role in The Danish Girl poised to hit theatres on November 27th, you’re going to start hearing her name a lot more very soon. Read on…

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SPOTLIGHT October 2015: Reed Morano, Director/Cinematographer, MEADOWLAND

awfjspotlightsmallsmallIf there’s one thing I can say about Reed Morano’s Meadowland, it’s that it’s not an easy film to watch. A good film—yes. One of the most honestly, emotionally resonant films about grief ever made, in fact. But not easy. For those open to a cinematic experience with a side of catharsis, Meadowland comes out courtesy of Cinedigm on October 16th. Just have your Kleenex handy. We at AWFJ are proud to present the director as this month’s SPOTLIGHT subject. Read on…

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SPOTLIGHT September 2015: Amandla Stenberg, Actress, Activist In the Making

amandla1Our latest SPOTLIGHT subject may be the youngest yet, but in her 16 years actress Amandla Stenberg has proven that she deserves to stand alongside such previously AWFJ-highlighted champions for diversity as Cynthia López and Geena Davis, if only based on her potential. It’s been a short three years since Stenberg burst into the scene with a supporting role in the first Hunger Games movie, but in that time she’s already become a leading force in conversations surrounding cultural appropriation and the need for intersectional feminism. Read on…

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SPOTLIGHT August 2015: Natalie Portman, Actress, Activist and Crusader for Women Directors

awfjspotlightsmallsmallportman excerptNatalie Portman is no stranger to Hollywood. The Oscar-winning actress’ first feature film, Luc Besson’s Léon: The Professional, debuted when she was only 13 years old. Since then, she’s racked up dozens of film credits, some of them—Closer, Black Swan—better than others. Looking at You, Star Wars prequels. But isn’t that the way? This consummate, classy professional has made it through decades in the film industry and earned a mantlepiece full of awards along the way… two of them, I’d be remiss not to mention, EDA Awards for Black Swan, issued in 2010 by this very group. Read on…

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SPOTLIGHT July 2015: CYNTHIA LÓPEZ, New York City Media and Entertainment Commissioner

awfjspotlightsmallsmallFor Cynthia López, a love of film has always gone hand-in-hand with a love of public service and an acknowledgement of the power of media to shape the world for the better. As the Commissioner of the Mayor’s Office of Media and Entertainment in New York City, she has that chance—but she also has the boat-load of pressures that come with it. Not long after celebrating her one-year anniversary of being appointed Commissioner under Mayor Bill de Blasio, López speaks about her background, her accomplishments and what she hopes to achieve in year two. Read on…

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SPOTLIGHT June 2015: GEENA DAVIS, Actress, Activist, Festival Co-Founder

awfjspotlightsmallsmallIt’s never a bad time to take a moment or two to appreciate Geena Davis.

Afterall, Geena Davis is Thelma! She’s the player who taught a generation of impressionable young minds that there’s no crying in baseball! geena And, it was she who also suggested that learning how to throw your voice is a greatly entertaining way to fool your friends and have great fun at parties.

But focusing AWFJ’s Spotlight on Davis at this time is a particularly fitting tribute to the Oscar-winning actress, coming as it does on the heels of the first annual Bentonville Film Festival. What does that have to do with Davis? Read on…

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Dear Academy: Narrow The Best Picture Field Back to Five – Rebecca Pahle comments

oscar statuettes cropped“I really don’t give a shit about the Oscars at all!” I tell myself as I write my third Oscar-related post in a little over a week. But this post is important, Academy. I have figured out a way to fix the Oscars. Aside from “let the Muppets host it” and “let Prince present every award” and “ban Harvey Weinstein.” Read more>>

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SONG OF THE SEA and Animator Tomm Moore — Rebecca Pahle interviews

song of sea croppedTomm Moore had big shoes to fill for his second feature, Song of the Sea. Or maybe I should say big flippers, as one of Song’s main characters is a selkie, a creature from Irish and Scottish mythology who is part-seal, part-human. And the big flippers are his own–Moore’s first film, The Secret of Kells (co-directed with Nora Twohey), garnered an Oscar nomination for Best Animated Feature in 2010. Audiences were transfixed by Kells’ unique, hand-drawn style, made to look like an illuminated manuscript. Read more>>

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