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THELMA ADAMS is a writer and leading New York based film critic. She was twice Chair of the New York Film Critics Circle where she was a member for 19 years.. She is the Film Editor at She covered the Oscars for Yahoo! Movies for three seasons, interviewing celebrities from Julianne Moore to Joaquin Phoenix to Oprah Winfrey. Her second novel, The Other Mrs. Earp, will be published by Amazon Publishing’s Lake Union imprint in summer of 2016. The New York Times favorably reviewed her debut novel, Playdate, published by St. Martin's Press. Her essays have been anthologized, most recently in O's Little Book of Happiness. Previously, she was the film critic at Us Weekly (2000 – 2011) and the New York Post (1993 – 2000).


Articles by Thelma Adams


Salma Hayek, Jessica Williams and Jill Soloway Spar at Sundance — Thelma Adams reports

The roots of the women’s brunch brouhaha that emerged between Hayek and Williams and extended out to include those present including Shirley MacLaine and Alfre Woodard were generational, racial and sexual, reflecting the larger critical split in the women’s movement beyond the petri dish of the Sundance Film Festival. Read more>>

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Oscar-bound Annette Bening Shakes up the Screen — Profile by Thelma Adams (Exclusive)

anette beningIn 20th Century Women, Annette Bening redefines what it is to be an actress over forty – okay 58 – while gunning for an Oscar as Santa Barbara single mum Dorothea. Smart, sexy, searching: just three adjectives that describe the Kansas native. Fold in funny and touching, too. But what makes this mother-of-four married to former matinee idol Warren Beatty so disruptive, so eruptive, is that as a craftswoman and artist, she never stands still. Read on…

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Greta Gerwig on Female Co-stars, Sexual Role Play in 20TH CENTURY WOMEN — Thelma Adams interviews

Project Cobalt Presents a New York Special Screening of A24's "20th Century Women"There’s a bit of Diane Keaton to Greta Gerwig: smart, idiosyncratic and appealing, both neurotic and loose-limbed and glowy. But the proof that Keaton and Gerwig came-of-age in different generations is the way in which Gerwig, 33, has taken the reins of production, turning from muse to master, so early in her career. Read more>>

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Women Defy Odds and Demand Room at TIFF Table — Thelma Adams comments

Fuck buzz. That’s how I feel addressing Toronto’s female-driven movies, whether directed by women or not. Because buzz reflects the 80 percent male gender bias, writing about film fails to connect meaningfully with the real audience that is—duh, ask your mothers—50 percent female. For me, the greatest metaphor for the plight of women film artists is Aisling Walsh’s Maudie, an intense wee biopic about the outsider artist Maud Lewis with an Oscar-ripe performance from the great empath Sally Hawkins. (“If it weren’t for Hawkins,” condescends Variety’s Peter Debruge, “there would be little to distinguish Maudie from the sort of 16mm filmstrip made for schoolchildren back in the day.” Wrong!) Read more>>

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Maiwenn on MY KING and Bringing the Female Gaze to the Director’s Chair – Thelma Adams interviews

maiwennFrench filmmaker Maiwenn, 40, set me straight: it’s no easier being a female director in France than in America. The toothy Parisienne beauty in the polka-dot blouse and jeans explained: “As much as I can say I’m a victim of misogyny I don’t want to be a spokesperson, I don’t want to be a militant, I don’t want to make documentaries.” Read more>>

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GHOSTBUSTERS: When Good Enough Isn’t Good Enough — Commentary by Thelma Adams

I rolled my eyes the moment I heard about a Ghostbusters reboot with an all-woman cast—even if it teamed Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones. What’s next The Revenant with chicks? The She-Wolves of Wall Street (O.K., that’s Working Girl)? The Hateful Eight with seven menopausal women and one abused eunuch? Word to the studios: We lack penises, not brains! Read more>>

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On Multi-flexing Critical and Fictional Muscle – Thelma Adams comments

thelma-adamsIn recent years, when I’ve experienced so much strife in the New York Film Critics Circle after nearly two decades of active membership, I’ve often thought back to the first day I attended the voting meeting. I was seven or eight months pregnant with a child that would arrive early and with great difficulty, and I entered the meeting room with such hope and trepidation. Read on…

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