LANDLINE — Review by Martha K. Baker

The title’s reference to a fading form of communication suggests the decade for “Landline,” that is, the Nineties. But it says nothing about the chief literary device, that of irony, which each of the characters has to deal with in the course of this multi-generational look at cheating. Continue reading…

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MOVIE OF THE WEEK: Best Femme-Helmed, Femme-Centric Films of 2017, To Date

motw logo 1-35Focusing specifically on films directed by women as well as those featuring strong female lead characters and female-centric stories, AWFJ’s Team #MOTW has endorsed 31 exceptional films during 2017, to date. Because we pick only one film for our Movie of the Week endorsement, we’ve actually had to pass up a good number of other superb films that qualified, but were not our collective top choice. Now that we’ve arrived at the midway point in this year’s release schedule, we’re pausing to look back at all the films we’ve considered for #MOTW endorsement, and we are pleasantly surprised to note the volume of wonderful films made by and about women. Continue reading…

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June 2014 Opening Movies – Reviews by Jennifer Merin

obvious child poster art160

In Obvious Child When a man met on the rebound warms a woman’s her butter so it will spread more easily on her dinner roll, he warms her heart too. It opens June 6 along with Shailene Woodley starrer The Fault In Our Stars and the The Case Against 8, the documentary about the overturning of California‚Äôs ban on same-sex marriage, as well as the timely expose of Citizen Koch and the evergreen pleasures of La Bare, among other terrific films of particular interest to women. Read more>>

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