SPOTLIGHT November 2017: Dee Rees, Independently Epic Filmmaker, Director MUDBOUND


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With just a few films to her credit, director Dee Rees is already making an assured and unique mark on American cinema. She brings mature talent, technical skill, and creative vision, all while being true to herself as a gay African-American woman. Available November 17, her latest film Mudbound vividly demonstrates she can extend her intimately emotional filmmaking to an epic scale. Continue reading…

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JOYFUL NOISE – Review by Susan Granger

Blame it on the Fox Television series “Glee”! With the resounding success of the lives-of-the-members-of-the choir theme, intercut with catchy songs, there were bound to be imitators like this. So instead of progressive, “Glee”-type social/cultural issues, there’s a small town in Georgia church choir trying to get to a national singing competition in Los Angeles.

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AWFJ Women On Film – Queen Latifah On “Just Wright,” Basketball and Her Love Life – Jennifer Merin interviews

In “Just Wright,” Queen Latifah plays the hard-working girl, Leslie Wright, who generously gives to everyone else, supporting her family and friends unselfishly. But her gentle ways aren‘t helping her to find Mr. Right, the guy who’ll always be there for her. But, the film is a romantic comedy, and (without giving away details) it all comes right in the end.

In real life, Queen Latifah has achieved success in so many ways — as rapper and songstress, actress and producer, and businesswomen par excellence. Her life seems like any girl’s dream come true. And through it all, she’s won the unwavering loyalty of adoring fans by being down to earth and ‘real.’

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AWFJ Women On Film – “Just Wright” – Review by Cynthia Fuchs

Some of us would rather watch Dwight Howard act like Common can lead the Nets to a title. At least that fantasy isn’t insulting. Read more>>

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