Who’s #1? AWFJ Wonder Women Countdown Of Best Fictional Female Characters

To celebrate AWFJ’s tenth anniversary and mark the movie industry’s feminist developments since our inception, we present our Wonder Women Project, a list of cinema’s top 55 female fiction characters, each one a reminder to industry insiders and movie lovers that iconic females in film have had entertainment impact, social influence and long legs since the earliest days of cinema.
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Our members celebrate every imaginable liberated woman among their choices of our top 11 women characters, including a factory worker who demands her rights from her employer, a widow who founds her own successful company in the very unequal 1940s, a woman with no legal property rights who schemes to hold onto her family home, and two friends who take “Give me liberty or give me death” quite literally. And, of course, we reveal our No. 1 Wonder Woman, a favorite of everyone who meets her. Here is our final group of Wonder Women, numbers 11 through 1:

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AWARDS INTELLIGENCER: Top Ten Road Movies, Hers vs His

amber heard award drive angrySummer is when a lot of us hit the highway, so rounding up best road movies is timely fuel for fun. But how does you the road trip genre fare in terms of gender equality? Most frequently the highway has been presented as men’s terrain, with buddy buddy bonding mapped out within thriller, comedy, sci-fi, horror and other story lines. But we’ve found some fabulous women-driven road movies. Let’s compare lists…

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SPOTLIGHT June 2015: GEENA DAVIS, Actress, Activist, Festival Co-Founder

awfjspotlightsmallsmallIt’s never a bad time to take a moment or two to appreciate Geena Davis.

Afterall, Geena Davis is Thelma! She’s the player who taught a generation of impressionable young minds that there’s no crying in baseball! geena And, it was she who also suggested that learning how to throw your voice is a greatly entertaining way to fool your friends and have great fun at parties.

But focusing AWFJ’s Spotlight on Davis at this time is a particularly fitting tribute to the Oscar-winning actress, coming as it does on the heels of the first annual Bentonville Film Festival. What does that have to do with Davis? Read on…

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