Ally Derks Talks About IDFA and Documentary Film Trends – Jennifer Merin interviews

allyderksAlly Derks has been the director of IDFA, aka the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam, for a quarter of a century, and has grown the annual event into the documentary film industry’s preeminent showcase, not only offering filmmakers opportunity to pitch projects and make distribution deals for their finished films, but providing an extraordinary program of socially relevant films for documentary watchers from around the globe. In the documentaries realm, what Derks thinks matters. Read on…

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IDFA Selects Nominees for AWFJ EDA Award @ IDFA 2015

idfa2015logoFor the second consecutive year, the Alliance of Women Film Journalists is partnering with IDFA to present the AWFJ EDA Award for the Best Female-Directed Film at IDFA 2015, taking place in Amsterdam from November 18-29. IDFA programmers select ten feature length documentaries to be viewed in advance of the festival by members of the AWFJ EDA Award jury panel. The nominated filmmakers have been notified that they are in the competition, and the jurors — all of whom are members of the Alliace of Women Film Journalists — have received screeners of the films. Curious to know which films have been nominated? Here’s the list (in alphabetical order):

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AWFJ @ IDFA: Juried EDA Awards Presented to Two Documetaries


The Alliance of Women Film Journalists Inc. (AWFJ) presented juried AWFJ EDA Awards to two female-directed film at the 2014 International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam (IDFA), the world’s leading documentary film festival. The awards were presented in conjunction with this year’s The Female Gaze program, which included a strand of 28 female-directed feature length documentaries and a panel discussion with 15 leading female filmmakers from around the world. Read more…

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AWFJ Presents EDA Awards @ IDFA 2014


The Alliance of Women Film Journalists Inc. (AWFJ) is pleased to announce the presentation of juried AWFJ EDA Awards at this year’s International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam (IDFA), the world’s leading documentary film festival.

IDFA 2014 takes place in Amsterdam from November 19 to 30. The EDA Award for Best Female-Directed Documentary at IDFA 2014 will presented at the festival on November 26.

AWFJ, a nonprofit organization of leading female film journalists with active members in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom, recognizes outstanding achievements by women filmmakers by presenting its prestigious EDA Awards at select film festivals around the world, and at year’s end. Read on…

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Filmmaker Heddy Honigmann Honored by IDFA 2014!

heddy honigmannGood news, Heddy Honigmann fans! IDFA 2014 is headlining the world renowned Dutch documentary filmmaker and honoring her highly acclaimed oeuvre at the festival’s 27th edition, taking place in Amsterdam from November 19 – 30.

IDFA 2014 will open with Honigmann’s most recent film, Around the World in 50 Concerts, a striking tour de force in which the filmmaker underscores the positive power of music in various cultures around the globe as she accompanies the Amsterdam’s Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra on its worldwide tour. Read on…

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LA CHANA — Review by Jennifer Merin

la chana posterCapturing all of the passion and personal expression that permeates flamenco and illuminates the dance form’s most engaging performers, Lucija Stojevic’s La Chana profiles the career and artistry of Antonia Santiago Amador, the hugely popular flamenco goddess revered by dance afficiandos for her force of nature spirit and extraordinary footwork. The great La Chana’s career peaked during the late 1960s, just before she inexplicably shunned her celebrity and mysteriously vanished from the dance world. Continue reading…

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AWFJ to Present EDA Awards @ DOXA Film Festival

The Alliance of Women Film Journalists and DOXA are partnering for the second consecutive year to present AWFJ EDA Awards at this year’s festival, taking place in Vancouver, BC, from May 4 to 14, 2017. doxa logo 2017DOXA programmers nominate ten female-directed films in each of the two EDA Awards categories. EDA Awards juries are comprised exclusively of AWJF members. This year’s nominated films and jury panels will be announced shortly. Continue reading…

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It’s a Wrap: AWFJ Looks Back at 2016

AWFJ is completing our tenth anniversary year, and it’s time to take stock and evolve. What has our organization accomplished during 2016, and what are our goals for 2017. But as we look back to evaluate our accomplishments and before we set forth plans for a new year filled with worthwhile projects, let’s pause for a moment to give due credit to the AWFJ members who’ve contributed their ideas, time and energy to make our 2016 programs and enterprises so successful. Well done! And here’s round of applause and a virtual pat on the back to each of you in recognition of your collegiality and activism. Now on to the nitty gritty about what AWFJ has done curing 2016, with shout outs to individual members who helmed projects and made them happen. Read on…

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AWFJ to Present EDA Awards at Whistler Film Festival — Jennifer Merin reports

whistler-2016This is the fourth consecutive year in which the Alliance of Women Film Journalists has the honor to partner with Whistler Film Festival to recognize women filmmakers with presentation of EDA Awards for Best Female-Directed Feature Film and Best Female-Directed Documentary at this year’s festival, held in Whistler from November 30 to December 4, 2016. Whistler Film Festival nominates narrative features and documentaries for consideration. Selected by AWFJ jurors, the winners will be announced on December 4, at the Whistler Film Festival Awards Ceremony. Read on…

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EDA Awards @ DOXA 2016: Nominated Films and Jurors — Jennifer Merin reports

doxa logo 1The DOXA Film Festival (held in Vancouver, British Columbia, from May 5 to 15, 2016) has announced the nomination of ten feature length documentaries and nine documentary shorts to be considered for the AWFJ EDA Awards @ DOXA. The award winners will be selected by two AWFJ jury panels, and will be presented at the festival’s gala awards ceremony on Saturday,May 14. Read on for the complete lists of nominated films and the names of the AWFJ EDA Awards @ DOXA jurors.

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AWFJ News: The EDA Awards go to DOXA Film Festival

doxa logo 1Throughout the year, the Alliance of Women Film Journalists presents EDA Awards for Best Female-Directed Film at select film festivals around the world. Our goal is to recognize and honor the outstanding work of women directors of narrative features, documentaries and shorts. This year, for the first time, AWFJ proudly adds the DOXA Documentary Film Festival to its list of partnerships. The 15th edition of the annual festival takes place in Vancouver, British Columbia, from May 5 to 15, 2016. AWFJ will present EDA Awards for Best Female-Directed Documentary Feature and Best Female-Directed Documentary Short. Read on…

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AWFJ To Present EDA Awards @ Whistler Film Festival 2015 – Katherine Brodsky reports


The Alliance of Women Film Journalists Inc. (AWFJ) is partnering with Whistler Film Festival 2015, held from December 2 to 6 in Whistler, British Columbia, to present juried AWFJ EDA Awards for Best Female-Directed Fiction Feature and Best Female-Directed Documentary Feature. This is the third consecutive year of the partnership between Whistler Film Festival and AWFJ to recognize and honor excellent work by female directors. Read on…

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AWFJ @ SFF Filmmaker Forum: Storytelling Skill Sets For Documentarians — Liz Whittemore Reports


As audience members, each of us has a visceral response to images on the screen. We walk away with our own opinions and feelings when the lights come up once again. Whether a particular documentary touches you or not, having the opportunity to interact with the filmmakers in person is sometimes a once in a lifetime experience. During this year’s Salem Film Festival, AWFJ hosted two very successful and extraordinarily insightful panel discussions. Jennifer Merin moderated each of the panels, asking questions of the artists that they may never have posed to themselves. With time allotted for audience participation, attendees were allowed a glimpse into the making of some of the films featured at this year’s festival. Read on…

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