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freelance film critic who writes for Senses of Cinema, Little White Lies, and other publications. She’s written five books on cult, horror and exploitation cinema.

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LEAVE NO TRACE – Review by Brandy McDonnell

After garnering near-universal acclaim with her 2010 thriller Winter’s Bone, which introduced the world to Oscar-winning superstar Jennifer Lawrence, director Debra Granik makes her long-awaited return to feature film with the empathetic and engrossing drama Leave No Trace one of my favorite movies of 2018.

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2018 AWFJ EDA Award Winners – Jennifer Merin reports

The Alliance of Women Film Journalists is proud that our 2018 EDA Awards nominees and winners genuinely reflect the movie industry’s recent advances in the cause of equality and diversity. Our EDA Awards always honor the year’s best films and artists, regardless of gender, but we also recognize the need to have categories that focus specifically on women’s achievements in an industry that still has a long way to go to reach gender parity and equal opportunity for all.

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STAN & OLLIE – Review by Susan Granger

After fame and fortune left the world-famous vaudeville comedy team of Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy far behind, they embarked on a career-concluding tour of Great Britain. Disgruntled but not discouraged, they turn to public relations stunts to sell tickets. In addition to Hardy’s persistent health problems, they’re constantly bickering, dredging up old grievances.

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VOICES OF THE SEA – Review by MaryAnn Johanson

In a poor a seaside village in Cuba, a wife and mother dreams of escaping to America to make a better life for her children. British documentarian Kim Hopkins brings a poignant poeticism to this portrait of hard going in a beautiful place, and of the love, laughter, and community that, perhaps, make the struggle just that little bit more tolerable.

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DUMPLIN’ – Review by Lois Alter Mark

A movie called Dumplin’ could go either way but, thanks to an appealing cast and feel-good message, this one is a winner. Despite the fact that her mom is former beauty queen, plus-size teen Willowdean is comfortable in her own skin. She enters the local Miss Teen Bluebonnet pageant, becoming a role model for other unlikely entrants.

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THE FAVOURITE – Review by Brandy McDonnell

This is not your typical Oscar-bait historical drama, the kind with formally fancy costumes and stilted Queen’s English dialogue. Quite the opposite: “The Favourite” is an unapologetically profane, bracingly biting and wildly compelling tale of royal power plays fueled by three virtuoso women portraying refreshingly complex women.

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WELCOME TO MARWEN – Review by Susan Granger

In recent years, visionary filmmaker Robert Zemeckis has become obsessed with experimental technology, particularly motion-capture animation. Now he turns his attention to the fantasyland created by an eccentric artist. Clumsily scripted by Zemeckis and Caroline Thompson, the film depicts Mark’s perverted perception of the world, superficially skimming over how he arrived at his point of view.

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THE FAVOURITE – Review by Moira Sullivan

The Favourite is a tale of deception and ambition but one that is particularly cruel and vicious to women. The historical revisionism of the film while captivating is ultimately a tale of women conniving and scheming for power from a regent who is ridiculed by the men of the court.

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A tenacious Polish teen who’s had to grow up too soon takes center stage in Anna Zamecka’s powerful documentary Communion.

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