2007 Fem Helmed films, thus far

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Listed in the order in which they were released:

  • Abduction: The Megumi Yokota Story – In this documentary feature, Sakie Yokota, Megumi’s mother, shows extraordinary determination, fortitude and dignity in her 30-year struggle to find her daughter, who was abducted by North Korean spies in 1977. Co-directed by Patti Kim.
  • Blood and Chocolate – Katja Von Garner’s romantic, mythic twist on the werewolf genre presents a young American loup garoux (Agnes Bruckner) torn between loyalty to her pack and true love. Adapted from Annette Curtis Klause’s novel.
  • Catch and Release – Susannah Grant’s dark comedy about a women (Jennifer Garner) coping with her fiance’s death and the secrets he’d been keeping from her.
  • Screamers – Carla Garapedian follows the rock band System of a Down as they tour Europe and the US pointing out the horrors of modern genocide that began in Armenia in 1915 up though Darfur today.
  • The Decomposition of the Soul – Co-directed by Nina Toussaint
  • Notes on Marie Menken – directed by Martina Kudlacek, about the painter-turned avant garde filmmaker
  • Four-Eyed Monsters – co-directed by Susan Bruice and Arin Crumley
  • Avenue Montaigne – Directed and co-written by Daniele Thompson
  • Grbavica: The Land of My Dreams – Written and Directed by Jasmila Zbanic, about the results of a woman’s rape by occupying soldiers.
  • Gray Matters – written and directed by Sue Kramer
  • The Cats of Mirikitani – documentary directed by Linda Hattendorf
  • The Namesake – directed by Mira Nair, based on Jhumpa Lahiri’s novel
  • Air Guitar Nation – documentary directed by Alexandra Lipsitz
  • The Prisoner or: How I Planned to Kill Tony Blair – Co-directed by Petra Epperlein
  • After the Wedding – directed by Susanne Bier
  • Dreaming of Lhasa – co-written and co-directed by Ritu Sarin
  • Red Road – directed and co-written by Andrea Arnold, about a woman seeking revenger for her son’s death.
  • Stephanie Daley – Directed by Hilary Brougher, about a teenager (Amber Tamblyn) who kills her newborn.
  • The Collector – written and directed by Olympia Stone
  • Diggers – directed by Katherine Dieckmann
  • Something to Cheer About – written and directed by Betsy Blankenbaker
  • Missing Victor Pellerin – Directed by Sephie DeRaspe
  • Waitress – Written and directed by Adrienne Shelly
  • Away from Her – Written and directed by Sarah Polley
  • L’Iceberg – Co-written and co-directed by Fiona Gordon
  • Paris, je t’amie – including the segments Quais de Seine (directed and co-written Gurinder Chadha), Bastille (written and directed by Isabel Coixet), Loin du 16ieme (co-written and co-directed by Daniela Thomas), Quartier Latin (written by Gena Rowlands) and Porte de Choisy (written by Gabrielle Keng and Kathy Li)
  • Day Night Day Night – Directed by Julia Loktev
  • Amu – written and directed by Shonali Bose Angel
  • The Trial of Darryl Hunt – Documentary co-written and co-directed by Ricki Stern and Anne Sundberg
  • When the Road Bends: Tales of a Gypsy Caravan – directed by Jasmine Dellal
  • Manufactured Landscapes – Documentary directed by Jennifer Baichwal
  • Broken English – Written and directed by Zoe Cassavetes
  • In Between Days – Directed and co-written by Korean-American filmmaker So Yong Kim
  • Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soapbox – Documentary directed by Sara Lamm
  • Falling – Wtitten and directed by Austrian filmmaker Barbara Albert
  • Flying: Confessions of a Free Women – Filmmaker Jennifer Fox explores conflicts between career, romance and social expectations of women both in the US and countries around the world in this six-hour documentary
  • Introducing the Dwights – Directed by Cherie Nowlan
  • Talk to Me – Directed by Kasi Lemmons
  • You’ll find reviews of many of these films, as well as interviews with many of the directors, in the archives at www.awfj.org.

    Any omissions you can think of? Please let us know.

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