Oscars 2017: We Need More Creativity on Stage! — Katherine Brodsky comments (Exclusive)

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brodskyThis year had several worthy nominees and they were well-recognized. Although as a whimsical musical fan, I was rooting for “La La Land” as Best Picture, having finally caught up on “Moonlight” a few nights prior, I recognized what a great film it was as well. But here’s a sad fact: This year’s Oscar ceremony will be remembered most for the hiccup at the end rather than anything in between. Every year, I tune in to the Oscars telecast hoping for a great show, thinking that this year will be the one.

It’s a pleasant enough affair, and Swarovski adds some razzle dazzle, but Hollywood is full of creative people and talented writers, so why don’t we see that reflected on the stage? The Academy certainly doesn’t lack access. Sure, it’s a chance to hand out some awards and recognize excellence (as decided by a jury) in various categories. Those lucky enough to snag a seat in Dolby’s Theatre are invested in the process, rooting for their colleagues (and themselves) and rubbing elbows.

But for the poor shmucks sitting at home? It’s become a bit of a snooze-fest—accentuated with frequent political zingers this year (made for a good drinking game). I’ll confess: I happen to have a deep yearning to produce the Oscars one day because I see what it has the potential to be: An entertaining experience that re-ignites the audience’s passion for great cinema. Perhaps it will even pave the way for more of that kind of storytelling at the box-office and steal people away from their TV show marathons. So I say, bring back the magic. Makes the Oscars great again. The stars flock to the Oscars, why not help them shine?

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