AWFJ Membership Criteria

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Membership in AWFJ is open by invitation to female film critics and female film journalists (including editors) in the United States, Canada, the UK and Australia, who maintain a professional status, either staff or as a regular freelance contributor, with outlets that meet the following specifications: print publications must have a circulation of 50,000 or higher; broadcast viewer/listener averages must be 50,000 or higher per month; online unique viewers must average 20,000 or higher per month. We are open to accepting members from other countries, on the condition that they are fluent and can write in English.

The following conditions also apply:

1. A member must have been a professional film critic or film journalist for a minimum of five years.

2. Members must produce a minimum of 50 film reviews/stories per annum for newspapers, broadcast or online outlets that meet the requirements specified above.

3. Members must provide a minimum of 20 links per annum to their work for inclusion on the AWFJ Website.

4. Annual dues of $50 (US) must be paid by the deadline posted by the AWFJ president. Dues may be paid by Zelle or PayPal. For PayPal payments, there is a $5 processing fee. Penalties will be imposed for late payment.

5. A member must submit a completed ballot for the EDA Awards by the deadline posted by the AWFJ president and/or nominating committee.

6. Members must post notice of their AWFJ membership on their personal Websites and/or in their bios on the Websites of their outlets. We provide an easily installed AWFJ tag link for this purpose or a link to our url will be sufficient.

7. Members are required to be proactive in the organization by contributing to, supporting our social media presence, participating in other AWFJ projects and committees.

Our goal is to help members maintain their AWFJ membership for the duration of their careers. However, once accepted into AWFJ, a member must continue to meet the requirements listed above, unless exempted by the Board of Directors.

We realize that some members may transition from one job to another, and would like to help them through the process. Annual quotas for reviews and reportage may be temporarily suspended for members on a case by case basis. However, members must keep AWFJ informed of changes in their job status, address and other contact information.

To apply for membership in AWFJ, please click here.

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