Releasing Jan 10 and Jan 12, 07

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Wednesday, January 10

Ever Since the World Ended – A mockumentary set 12 years after a virus has killed off almost the entire human race, with interviews survivors in the San Francisco Bay area about what life is like. Strong women’s roles, and an effective story thread about a young widow who’s part of an ad hoc community and desperately wants a child but doesn’t have a partner.

Friday, January 12, 2007

Abduction: The Megumi Yokota Story – In this documentary feature, Sakie Yokota, Megumi’s mother, shows extraordinary determination, fortitude and dignity in her 30-year struggle to find her daughter, who was abducted by North Korean spies in 1977.

Alpha Dog

Arthur and the Invisibles

God Grew Tired of Us



Stomp the Yard

Tears of the Black Tiger – This stunning twist on vintage Hollywood westerns/melodramas by way of Thailand presents an interesting take on the role of the female love interest.

Verdict on Auschwitz: The Frankfurt Trial 1963-1965

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