AWFJ’s rallying cry contest

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A decade ago, in response to the alarming statistic that only one of more than 130 Oscar nominees was a person of color, the media reported on “The Great Hollywood Blackout,” and that phrase became a rallying cry for fairness. From boardrooms to banks, the media’s focus educated and sensitized the people who made and financed films to the fact that they were neglecting a huge sector of the market.

Perhaps a rallying cry– a slogan– could do the same thing for women.

But what should it be?

In recognition that the statistics indicate that the film industry’s powers-that-be consistently undervalue the creative contributions made by women who’re working in front of and behind the cameras, and underestimate the discretionary purchasing power of women moviegoers who represent at least half of America’s cinema audience, AWFJ is conducting a contest to find a rallying cry (ie. slogan) that will best generate awareness about high degree of neglect of women in film, and of women in the audience and, hopefully, promote change.

The best slogan begets a prize package: an autographed photo of Jane Fonda, an autographed copy of Maitland McDonagh’s “Movie Lust,” DVDs of films by and/or about women, movie posters and other goodies that any movie lover would love to have.

The contest is open to all. To be considered, slogans must be submitted by February 28. To enter, click

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