Releasing Sept 12 and 14, 2007

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Highlighting films by and about women

Wednesday, September 12

  • Forever – Documentary directed by Heddy Honigmann and written by Honigmann,

    Ester Gould and Judith Vreriks

  • Helvetica

Friday, September 14

  • Angels in the Dust -Documentary written and directed by Louise Hogarth
  • The Brave One – Starring the consistently interesting Jody Foster and co-written by Cynthia Mort, whose production credits include Roseanne and HBO’s new Tell Me You Love Me
  • Dragon Wars
  • Eastern Promises
  • Great World of Sound
  • In the Valley of Elah
  • King of California
  • Pete Seeger: The Power of Song (Chicago, Denver and San Francisco only)
  • Mr. Woodcock
  • The Rape of Europa – Documentary co-written, -directed and -produced by Bonni Cohen and Nicole Newnham (as well as Richard Berge) and based on the book by

    Lynn Nicholas

  • Silk
  • Toots – Documentary produced and directed by Kristi Jacobson (granddaughter of Toots Shor)
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