Thirteen Smartest Women in Hollywood per Entertainment Weekly

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Entertainment Weekly’s 50 Smartest People in Hollywood list includes thirteen women:

Congrats to Meryl Streep (actor, 6), Amy Pascal (co-chair of Sony Pictures Entertainment, 15), Stacey Snider (CEO of DreamWorks SKG, 26), Jodie Foster (actor/director,30), Kathleen Kennedy (producer, 31), Thelma Schoonmaker (editor, 32), Angelina Jolie (actor, 33), Diablo Cody (screenwriter, 38), Mary Zophres (costume designer, 39), Beth Swofford (agent at CAA, 43), Cate Blanchett (actor, 45), Amy Powell (senior vice president of interactive marketing at Paramount, 47) and Sarah Polley (actor/writer/director, 49).

FYI, EW’s Smartest list is this year’s replacement for the magazine’s annual Most Powerful List.

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