Movie Women in the White House – Carrie Rickey comments

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As Hillary Clinton faces the full-court press this primary season, I am reminded of Joan Allen in The Contender (pictured), where a U.S. Senator (D. – Ohio) stands firm against defamers who fear a female vice-president. Read More>>

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Carrie Rickey (Archived Contributor)

Carrie Rickey has been The Philadelphia Inquirer's film critic for 21 years and writes the newspaper's Flickgrrl blog. She has reviewed films as diverse as "Water" and "The Waterboy," profiled celebrities from Lillian Gish to Will Smith, and reported on technological beakthroughs from the video revolution to the rise of movies on demand. Her reviews are syndicated nationwide and she is a regular contributor to Entertainment Weekly, MSNBC and NPR. Rickey's essays appear in numerous anthologies, including "The Rolling Stone History of Rock & Roll," "The American Century," and the Library of America's "American Movie Critics."