“Taxi To The Dark Side” – Michelle Orange reviews

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Gibney, best known for his last chronicle of another Great American Meltdown, Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room, begins his wide-ranging takedown of the Bush administration’s military policies on torture and interrogation with the story of Dilawar, an Afghan taxi driver caught up in an all-too-common intelligence boondoggle. Read more>>

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Michelle Orange

Michelle Orange’s film writing appears regularly in The Village Voice, The Reeler and IFC News and in 2005, earned a Masters in film studies from NYU. She is currently the reviews editor at The Reeler. Michelle is an author, journalist and editor whose work has appeared in Salon, The Globe and Mail, The New York Sun and other publications. She has been anthologized most recently in The Best Sex Writing 2006 and Mountain Man Dance Moves and her first book, The Sicily Papers, was published in 2006 by Hobart Press. Her radio work has aired on the CBC and BBC and can be found on the Peabody award-winning site Transom.org. She recently edited a story collection found in Issue 22 of McSweeney’s.