“Chenier” – Maitland McDonagh reviews

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Director/co-writer Bethany Ashton Wolf’s steamy Southern-Gothic melodrama doesn’t miss a cliche: Imagine chunks of Of Mice and Men bobbing around in a spicy Cajun gumbo. But it’s steeped in authentic local atmosphere — shot on location in the Chenier Plain, a coastal marsh region, the center of Louisiana’s Cajun community before it was devastated by 2005’s Hurricane Rita, the film evokes the rhythms of a unique regional culture in an increasingly homogenized world. Read more>>

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Maitland McDonagh

Formerly TVGuide.com's senior movies editor/reviewer, Maitland McDonagh now has her own site, Miss FlickChick.com, and freelances for Film Comment, Time Out NY and other publications. She has written four books -- Broken Mirrors Broken Minds: The Dark Dreams of Dario Argento, Filmmaking on the Fringe, The 50 Most Erotic Films of All Time and Movie Lust -- and contributed to many others, including Film Out of Bounds, Fantasy Females, The Last Great American Picture Show and Exile Cinema. Read McDonagh's recent artilces below. For her Women On Film archive, type "Maitland McDonagh" into the Search Box (upper right corner of screen).