“10,000 B.C.” – Esther Iverem reviews

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It is difficult to pick what is worse about the new action film “10,000 B.C.” Is it the White folks in bad “dreadlock” wigs? Is it the creation of a new Tarzan who tames African tribes? Is it the warping of Egyptian history to include a non-existent White king 10,000 years before the birth of Christ? Or is it the fact that this is another epic about rescuing a valued White woman? Read more>>

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Esther Iverem

Esther Iverem is a multi-disciplinary writer, author, producer and curator. Her diverse body of work, which includes radio, three books, two digital media projects and several visual art exhibits, is about social justice and human existence—its history, current state and possible futures. It is also about the environment, including its mysteries extending into the universe. She is creator, producer and host of ‘On the Ground: Voices of Resistance From the Nation’s Capital’ (www.onthegroundshow.org) on Pacifica Radio, founder of the pioneering website SeeingBlack.com and a founding member of DC Poets Against the War/Split This Rock. She is a recipient of numerous awards and honors, including a National Arts Journalism Fellowship at Columbia University. Her most recent book is We Gotta Have It: Twenty Years of Seeing Black at the Movies (Hachette Book Group).