Releasing April 2 and 4, 2008

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AWFJ highlights films made by and about women:

Wednesday, April 2

  • The Flight of The Red Balloon – IFC Releasing, 113 min

Friday, April 4

  • American Zombie – Mockumentary directed by documentary filmmaker Grace Lee and co-written by Lee and Rebecca Sonneshine
  • Jellyfish – Written and co-directed by Israeli actress-turned-filmmaker Shira Geffen
  • Leatherheads – Universal Pictures, 114min
  • My Blueberry Nights – The Weinstein Company, 111min
  • Nana – Japanese film about two young women named Nana: One is a rebellious pop singer, while the other embraces more traditional values and always puts her boyfriend’s needs first. It’s adapted from a popular houjo manga – comics aimed specifically at an audience of teenagers and young women – and was a huge hit in Japan.
  • Nim’s Island – 20th Century Fox, 95min – Based on the popular children’s book by Wendy Orr, about a self-reliant girl living with her scientist father on an uncharted island; co-directed and –written by Jennifer Flackett and co-written by Paula Mazur
  • The Ruins – Paramount Pictures
  • Meet Bill – First Look Pictures, 92min
  • Sex & Death 101
  • Shine a Light – Paramount Vantage, 122min
  • Tuya’s Marriage – Award-winning drama about a Mongolian shepherd whose crippled husband encourages her to improve her life and that of their children by divorcing him and finding an able-bodied husband.
  • Water Lilies – Coming of age drama about three adolescent French girls, written and directed by Céline Sciamma
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