“The House Bunny” – Betsy Pickle reviews

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After a summer of gross-out comedies heavy on male bonding, “The House Bunny” is a welcome sight. Sure, it’s not a film that most feminists will embrace, but it provides a bit of relief from the unrelenting barrage of guy-centric entertainment. Whether audiences see “The House Bunny” as equal time or an equal-opportunity offender, at least it has more than two women in the cast. And to have Anna Faris heading that cast, well, that’s a win in itself. Read more>>

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Betsy Pickle

Betsy Pickle is a freelance film critic and journalist. She was the film critic at the Knoxville News Sentinel from May 1985 to November 2008. A Knoxville native, she graduated from the University of Tennessee with a B.S. in communications. In 1992, Betsy co-founded the Southeastern Film Critics Association, a group that has grown to more than 40 members in nine states. She served as SEFCA's president 2001-2004. She is a past member of the advisory council of the Tennessee Film, Entertainment and Music Commission and has served as a judge at the Nashville Film Festival, the Asheville Film Festival and the late and lamented Valleyfest Film Festival. Her reviews and features have appeared in newspapers from Atlanta to Anchorage and Stuart, Fla., to Sacramento, Calif.