AWFJ Women On Film – Releasing April 15, 16 and 17, 2009

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AWFJ highlights films made by and about women

Wednesday, April 15

  • Finding Me – 115 mins. – Haitian-American filmmaker Roger Omeus Jr.’s first feature revolves around a gay African-American man striving to reconcile his sexual identity and the biases that permeate his family and community.
  • Oblivion – Peruvian-born, Italian-educated and Amsterdam-based filmmaker Heddy Honigmann’s documentary shines a light on the forgotten citizens of Lima, from street children to hotel workers.

Thursday, April 16

  • Beer Wars – Ducks In A Row Entertainment, 89 mins. – Anat Baron produced, wrote and directed this documentary about marketig ploys power brewers use againt boutique beermakers.

Friday, April 17

  • 17 Again – New Line Cinema, 102 mins. – High School Musical cutie Zac Efron stars in this fantasy about a disillusioned divorce (Matthew Perry) who gets a do-over when he wakes up as his own 17-year-old self.
  • American Violet – Samuel Goldwyn, limited – A law-abiding African-American woman (Nicole Beharie) is swept up in an anti-drug action in Texas and must fight to restore her reputation and rebuild her life. Based on the real-life ordeal of Dee Roberts, who was wrongfully arrested in Melody, Texas, in 2000. Deals with racial profiling and stereotypes of African-American women.
  • Crank: High Voltage – Lionsgate, 96 mins. (no press screenings) – Jason Statham takes the manic energy of Crank and kicks it up a notch in this sex-and-violence drenched sequel
  • Every Little Step – Sony Classics, 95 mins., limited NY, LA – Adam Del Deo and James D. Stern’s documentary about Michael Bennett’s legendary behind-the-scenes musical “A Chorus Line” focuses on the 2006 Broadway revival while sorting through the history of the 1975 show that ran for 15 years and overshadowed Bob Fosse’s biting Chicago. Examines the harsh life of Broadway gypsies, including the subtle and not-so-subtle sexism faced by female dancers in the ferociously competitive world of musical theater
  • Gooby – Monterey Media, limited
  • Is There Anybody There? – Big Beach, 95mins., limited NY, LA – A lonely ten year old whose mother owns a nursing home and a retired musician (Michael Caine), the home’s newest resident, develop a life-changing friendship in Irish director John (Intermission) Crowley’s drama.
  • The Sleep Dealer – Maya Entertainment, 90 mins., limited – Alex Rivera’s dystopian science fiction film takes place in a future where human thoughts and memories are the international marketplace’s most valuable commodity.
  • State of Play – Universal Pictures, 127 mins. – A reporter (Russell Crowe) investigates the murder of a woman who was sleeping with an up-and-coming politician (Ben Affleck) in this remake of the acclaimed 2003 UK miniseries.
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