AWFJ Women On Film – “Country Strong” – Betsy Sharkey reviews

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There is a down-home comfort saturating “Country Strong,” in that “somebody done somebody wrong song” way, that almost carries you through when its music-drenched melodrama gets predictable. Which is pretty much as soon as the fragile, still-in-rehab country superstar played by Gwyneth Paltrow starts talking about the baby bird she’s found and is trying to save. So like, Scene 2. Read more>>

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Betsy Sharkey

Betsy Sharkey began her career as a feature writer for Dallas Morning News and has since written for The New York Times, TV Guide and Esquire among others. She joined the Los Angeles Times as an entertainment editor, then film critic. Wrote Faye Dunaway's memoir, "Looking for Gatsby" and Marlee Matlin's "I'll Scream Later." She has a B.S. (Journalism) and an M.S. (Communications Theory) from TCU.