Review: “Rise of the Planet of the Apes” – Ann Lewinson

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This prequel, half-Escape (with James Franco as Ricardo Montalban) and half-Conquest, is driven by a heartbreaking performance by a motion-captured Andy Serkis as a latter-day Clint Eastwood, breaking his cellmates out of their very own Alcatraz. Their triumph provides sweet catharsis for those shaken by Project Nim. Read more>>

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Ann Lewinson

Ann Lewinson is a film critic for the Boston Phoenix, Kansas City Star and Santa Fe Reporter, and was film critic for the Hartford Advocate.. She's written for The Independent, Sundance Daily Insider, Tribeca Film Festival catalogue and Willamette Week, classical music for Andante and Stagebill, and environmental activism for Biography. Her fiction has appeared in Agni, Hayden's Ferry Review, P.S.1 Contemporary Art Center's Special Projects Writers' Series and other publications. She studied filmmaking at Art Institute of Chicago, worked as a sound editor, and recently completed a novel. She is a member of Boston Society of Film Critics.