KILL LIST – Review by Kimberly Lindbergs

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While most modern horror films are marketed at teenagers, Kill List is made with adults in mind, and seasoned horror fans should find the ride particularly satisfying. It’s a film that defies expectations and relishes its ambiguity by playing fast and hard with genre tropes that we’ve all become much too familiar with. Director Ben Wheatley understands that real terror stems from our fear of the unknown and unexpected, so his film asks questions of its audience instead of answering them. Read more>>.

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Kimberly Lindbergs

Kimberly Lindbergs regularly contributes to Turner Classic Movies' official blog, the Movie Morlocks and occasionally writes articles for TCM's website. She's contributes to FilmStruck, and has written for Cineaste, Fandor, Cinedelica, and Paracinema Magazine and has contributed liner notes for film scores released on Harkit Records. Her special interests include horror films, foreign films and cult movies.