Nora Lee Mandel (Archived Contributor)

Nora Lee Mandel is a member of New York Film Critics Online and the Alliance of Women Film Journalists. Her reviews are counted in Rotten Tomatoes “TomatoMeter,” and she continually recommends films to see at Mandel Maven’s Nest , including those that pass her strict application of the Bechdel-Wallace Test. Since 2006 she has reviewed documentaries, independent, and foreign films for Film-Forward ; since 2012, film festival overviews for FilmFestivalTraveler; and, since 2016, coverage of women filmmakers for FF2 Media . Her reviews of films, books, television, and music have also appeared in Lilith magazine, the independent Jewish feminist quarterly, and for the New Hampshire Jewish Film Festival. Her ongoing Critical Guide to Jewish Women in Movies, TV and Pop Music has been the basis for talks to audiences in New York and New Jersey, and at the Philadelphia Jewish Film Festival.